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Sabrina Vaz
Sabrina Vaz

First, I will describe this page. SabrinaVazOnline is a homepage about the canadian singer Sabrina Vaz. On this page you'll find a gallery with photos and a gallery with videos of her. In "Guestbook" you can write something about that, so if you like that page or if you hate that page and why. You can also write, if you like Sabrina and her music and why you don't like her, but that's up to you. Now, I give you a little facts about her:


Sabrina Vaz is a talented girl, who was born in Wndsor, Ontotio. She covers songs of her idols Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus and of lots of other artists. She was known with her covers, but also with the first song, she writes herself "Miss Me, Miss Me". Sabrina is 13 of age. But for her age, she is really good! Here are the most importants facts about Sabrina :

Genre   Pop - Rock            
Members   Rick Vaz, Rob Vaz, Marty Bevan & Joey Rocha  
Hometown   Windsor, Ontorio (Canada)  
Born   01/10/1998  
Where she lives at the moment   Windsor, Ontorio (Canada)  
Manager   Starstrukk Management  
Inspirations   Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett